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Paris food market
With so many food markets in Paris, where is a hungry gal to begin?!

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit Paris and stay close to a fresh food market you are blessed and may be thinking, “Wow, aren’t the Parisians lucky?” Yes, they are! So lucky to be living close to such an amazing commodity. I may be a tiny bit jealous.

The food at a Parisian market is Instagram-worthy (just be sure to ask politely “je peux faire une photo” before snapping away). I’ve heard many visitors in Paris exclaim about just how red the tomatoes are or how perfectly arranged everything is. You could seriously spend a whole morning gazing upon such perfect plums. 

Tourists can’t help but stop and take photos as they pass by the food markets in Paris. It is just too surreal for some. The real stars are not on the Champs Elysées, they’re at your local fruitier (fruit stand). 

But the Parisian, well he or she just thinks, “Oh, yeah, I’ll just pop down the street to get those peaches that I forgot to buy earlier today.” or “Let me grab a freshly baked baguette on my way home from work.” When you, dear visitor of Paris, have to head back home and are craving that fresh French baguette, it may not be quite as easy or nearly as cheap. The price of bread is relegated by the state, after all. As a side note, if you’re curious you can also learn about the origin of baguettes.  You can also learn to make your own baguettes while in Paris so you can try them again at home. Not too shabby. 

If you are a real foodie like me, my recommendation to you when visiting Paris is to try to stay near a food market. Yes, even if you are staying in a hotel. The French market is the pulse of the French culture and it is just something you can not miss. But Paris has so many markets, you may say. No worries, I’ve got you covered. Allow me to help make it easier by sharing with you some of our favorite markets (that run either weekly or bi-weekly) and our favorite market streets. 

flower market in Paris
Before you go:

Here is a local tip: in the pricier neighborhoods of Paris, your produce will cost you more and isn’t necessarily better. Pretty much ALL the vendors at the market have gone shopping out at Rungis.

Opening hours: Markets generally get going at 8:30 am and the pop-up markets will close about 1 pm. A market street generally has the same morning hours but also returns again around 4/4:30 and remains open until about 6:30/7 pm. Some markets are open daily and others are bi-weekly so be sure to double-check before heading out. 

Know before you go: So I put together this little guide to help you sort out what exactly you will encounter at the food markets in Paris. Have a look, here

1st Arrondissement

Saint-Honoré Market: This is a lovely market to stop by on your way to or from the Jardin des Tuileries to grab some fresh veggies, ready-to-eat dishes, or even prepare your own perfect Parisian picnic! Métro: Pyramides and opened on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

2nd Arrondissement

Rue Montorgueil Market: If you are a huge foodie then this market is your place to go! The best part about Rue Montorgueil is you can find the oldest bakery, Maison Stohrer located here along with Au Rocher de Cancale, and a seafood restaurant from the mid 19th century. This market is full of cafes, bistros, restaurants, pastry shops and so much more with a touch of hipster to it but still holding on to its Parisians traditions. Metro: Étienne Marcel and closed on Mondays.

Bourse Market: This market is only opened in the afternoons so for all you sleepy heads, have a little lie-in and then head on down to this quaint market. Metro: Bourse and open two days a week, Tuesdays and Fridays.

3rd Arrondissement

Enfant Rouge Market:  This is one of Paris’s OLDEST markets so you won’t want to miss out on this oldie but beautiful gem! It’s a covered market and dates all the way back to 1615! It is full of bright colors and a wonderful place to grab a quick lunch! Metro: Filles du Calvaire and closed on Mondays.

4th Arrondissement

Baudoyer Market: This cute little market has about 15 stalls so it’s not very big but it was one of the first Parisian markets to start opening in the afternoons. Metro: St-Paul or Hôtel de Ville and open Wednesdays and Saturdays.

5th Arrondissement

Rue Mouffetard: As Ernest Hemmingway once said about this market “that wonderful narrow crowded market street which led into the Place Contrescarpe“. The Rue Mouffetard is one of Paris’s oldest BUT liveliest neighborhoods and definitely worth a visit! Metro: Censier Daubenton and closed on Mondays. 

6th Arrondissement

Saint Germain Market: This covered market is a lovely place to stop to get something quick to eat. It’s just big enough to find everything you need and not too big to be overwhelming. Metro Mabillon and closed on Mondays.

7th Arrondissement 

Rue Cler: A lovely place to stop, have a cafe on a terrace and just people watch. You will find all your fresh ingredients here such as fish, produce, cheese, and the list goes on.  Metro: École Militaire and closed on Mondays. 

8th Arrondissement

Batignolles Market

Marche Bio des Batignolles: The Batignolles market is on the smaller side, but if you are looking for all organic produce and products then this is the perfect market for you. Sadly, this local treasure is only open on Saturdays. Métro: Brochant and opened on Saturdays. 

9th Arrondissement

Anvers Market: This charming market has about 20 stalls but it is only opened on Fridays. You will be able to find some organic produce, meat, award-winning honey, and cheeses. Metro: Anvers and opened on Friday afternoons.

10th Arrondissement

Saint Quentin Market: If you are staying in this district or even if you aren’t, this covered market is well worth the visit. It is full of stalls to grab a bite to eat or take away some French delicacies, or even some Morrocan tajines. Metro: Gare de l’Est and closed on Mondays.

11th Arrondissement

Popincourt Market: This market may be small but has everything you need to make a delicious meal. The only thing to remember is that it is only open on Tuesdays and Fridays. Metro: Oberkampf and open Tuesdays and Fridays.

Marché Père-Lachaise: A lovely market to pick up snacks while you keep on discovering Paris. This place is close to Marché de Belleville so you could kill two birds with one stone and check them both out! Metro: Ménilmontant and open Tuesdays and Fridays. 

12th Arrondissement

Marché Beauvau – Marché d’Aligre: The Marché Beauvau also known as the Marché d’Aligre is divided into two sections. You have a covered market with food stalls and even a vegetarian butcher (la Boucherie Végétarienne)! The uncovered section is full of antique shops and much more. Metro: Ledru-Rollin or Bastille and closed on Mondays. 

13th Arrondissement

Auguste Blanqui Market: A perfect market that is not so touristy but still offers fresh meat, vegetables and fruit, what more do you need? Metro: Place d’Italie or Corvisart and open Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

14th Arrondissement

Edgar-Quinet Market: If you are staying in this neighborhood, the Edgar-Quinet market is a perfect marché to run down and get your fresh vegetables and fruits! Metro: Edgar-Quinet or Vavin and open Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

15th Arrondissement

Grenelle Market: What could be better than visiting a chic French market with a view of the Eiffel Tower?! You can find a wide variety of food selections here, along with several florists. Metro: Dupleix or Motte-Picquet Grenelle and open Wednesdays and Sundays.

16th Arrondissement

Passy Covered Market: This beautiful covered market is the perfect place to walk around and even stop for a glass of champagne! If you are a foodie then you will find your food heaven here! Metro: La Muette or Boulainvilliers and closed on Mondays.

17th Arrondissement

Batignolles Covered Market: Not only does this area have cafes, cute boutiques but it also has a wonderful covered market where you can find organic vegetables, food to go, and a few other stalls that have jewelry and gifts! Metro: Place de Clichy or Rome and closed on Mondays.  

18th Arrondissement

Rue de Poteau market

Rue Lepic: Not only known for the French market but this street will lead you from the Moulin Rouge cabaret all the way to Place du Tertre, a busy square full of artists that is always worth a visit. Metro: Blanche and closed on Mondays. 

Rue du Poteau: This is one of those “markets” that isn’t really a market at all. The advantage to streets like rue du Poteau is that you have market hours 2 times a day. Shop in the morning or shop in the evening. This is our go-to for all our fish, cheese, meat, vegetable, and bread needs. You’ll even find ready-to-go food options and plenty of cafés along the way. What more could you ask for? Locals love it, we love it and it is where we take our clients for our AM & PM French Market classes. Metro: Jules Joffrin or Lamarck- Caulaincourt and closed on Mondays. 

Rue de Poteau French market class
If you’re unsure which food markets in Paris to choose or are a little nervous about heading to one, then join us for our French Market Tour and cooking class.
 You will be guided by a chef, learn to buy the freshest produce, and then cook and enjoy a 4-course meal that you just prepared. What could be better?! 

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