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The French have slowly been getting into the podcast game as French language shows- such as Transfert from’s podcast network and Change ma Vie from Paris blogger Clotilde Dusoulier- have gained listeners and helped create fans of the medium.

Paris based podcasts are also becoming more popular thanks mostly to expats from longtime podcast producing regions like the US and the UK. Expats are also responsible for World Radio Paris, a public, listener supported radio station broadcasting from its Left Bank studio.

Founded in 2003 and licensed to broadcast on digital radio since 2014, World Radio Paris is committed to creating original content and partnering with radio producers and personalities to help edit and air their shows. The generosity of the WRP team has helped several new podcasts get off the ground, helping to nurture the fledgling podcast scene in the city.

With more and more podcasts being produced there is now a show for every kind of Francophile and Paris fan. Here are a few of my favorites:



Hosted by British tour guide Amber Minogue, Paname focuses on the history of Paris with a special concentration on little known facts and trivia. Minogue takes a close look at elements of the city that we often walk by – the obelisk at Place de la Concorde for example- and delves into how and why they got there. Exploring the French expeditions, adventures, and inventions that have made Paris the place it is today allows listeners to have a new appreciation for their beloved city.


The New Paris

Hosted by author and blogger Lindsey Tramuta The New Paris is a companion to her recently published book of the same name. Both book and podcast seek out movers and shakers in the Paris scene with an emphasis on “the people who are breaking Paris’ traditions and redefining the city.

” Guests range from artists, designers, and chefs and topics often include local politics and a sociological approach to changes in the city. The New Paris reflects Paris for what it is- not just a playground filled with macarons and dreamy bike rides, but a living, vibrant place that is constantly changing and reinventing itself thanks to its innovative inhabitants.”


The Faux Pas Cast

Cohosted by two American friends, Mollie Laylin and Jennifer Fox Geraghty, The Faux Pas Cast challenges idées reçus about Paris, particularly the belief that Paris is the “sexually confident and culturally uninhibited city thatthe rest of the world believes it to be.” Through interviews with local personalities and the friendly banter between the two that frames each discussion, Laylin and Geraghty create an easy going environment conducive to embracing your inner Faux Pas and laughing about all the errors you’ve made while navigating life in the City of Lights.


The Earful Tower 

Local journalist and British expat Oliver Gee is the host of The Earful Tower, a show dedicated to unlocking the mysterious of French culture, language, and its people. Episode themes include “Being Broke in Paris”, “Swear Words”, and “Are the French Rude?” each ambitiously, and very subjectively, taking on a taboo topic with Gee’s signature British wit.


Paris Cocktail Talk

Forest Collins has been documenting the Paris cocktail bar and nightlife seen for well over a decade on her blog 52 Martinis. Fans of the site will be happy to know that they can now get constant updates on cocktails in Paris by tuning into Collin’s latest venture, Paris Cocktail Talk. Each episode includes an interview with a Parisian cocktail personality talking about their area of expertise. The show also includes cocktail recipes, recommendations, and all the inside information you would expect from the go-to source when it comes to cocktails in Paris.

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