Romantic Paris

“J’ai deux amours…..Mon pays et Paris”
(I have two loves… country and Paris), Josephine Baker

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Paris is the city of light and self-proclaimed city of love. There is no doubt that romance follows one around in this dashingly beautiful city. Just take a look at some of the architecture in the form of gifts from long-gone heroes to their beloved partners, not to mention the lovelocks adorning the bridges. These days the Paris town hall justly asks that visitors take selfies rather than attaching locks to save the bridges, but not to worry the city has a lot more romantic inspiration.

The architecture and cute alleyways are certainly inspiring and can be seen in detail while taking long romantic walks throughout Paris. These sights make for gorgeous skyline at sunset or sunrise. To take in the essence of the city of love you’ve got to find the right vantage point, if you’re not sure where to go to find them, you can discover 7 places for the best views of Paris or if you prefer lower ground find out how best to explore the city on foot. Guided tours of the city are always a romantic gesture and who better to tour with that the funny and entertaining guides of Sightseeker’s delight!

The first reflex of a couple in love visiting Paris might be to go on pilgrimage to the famous landmarks but sometimes romantic moments are tricky when interrupted by throngs of tourists. Paris revolves around these well-reputed places but it doesn’t always have to be dinner in the Eiffel Tower or a cruise along the seine. Here are a couple of ideas that might spark your imagination and some of our own romantic escapades at Cook’n With Class:

Musee de la vie Romantique
9th arrondisement
7 Rue Chaptal – Metro St. Georges/Blanche/Pigalle

In the quarter of Saint Georges, below Montmartre, this 19th-century mansion lies tucked behind large gates, down a private alley that leads you to a quaintly paved courtyard and a wild rose garden in the most poetic setting. A small museum built in 1830 is the domain of two artists active during the Romantic era: the writer George Sand and the painter Ary Scheffer.
Dutch-born Ary Scheffer a romantic painter dedicated this home to arts & literature hosting many a famous name, ~ George Sand, Chopin, Delacroix, Rossini, Liszt, and the list goes on.

An exquisite collection in a haven of peace is to be found here with paintings, drawings, memorabilia, and furniture all dating from the 18th & 19th Centuries. After your visit, you can sit in the tree-shaded rose gardens, with some tea in a romantic ambiance and listen to the whispers of Parisian days gone by.

Le Jardin Saint-Gilles-Grand-Veneur
3rd arrondisement

In the heart of Le Marais, you’ll find a lesser known place for Parisian nature, a little garden with the aroma of roses and a border of classic Parisian architecture. This place is perfect for a quiet stroll or to take a moment to sit on the bench and breathe in the fact that you’ve made it to Paris, the city of love. While you’re here, you can walk through the quaint streets of le marais where you can enjoy small boutiques and cafés or continue a short walk towards La Seine for a stroll by the iconic Parisian River.

Photo: Sortir à Paris

18th arrondisement

What is romance without discovery Montmartre has inspired many lovers to climb the stairs to capture cute photos with the stunning panoramic view? You can gaze across the Parisian roof-tops from a private bench by the splendid Sacre Coeur or visit the Hotel Particulier on the hill-top for a cocktail in the garden of the famous Avenue Junot.

At Cook’n With Class we have had our fair share of romance: …

Many newlyweds come to enjoy a cooking class together and others celebrate their honeymoon. Some find each other after many years apart only to meet again in Paris. The Market Classes have become a place to celebrate Wedding anniversaries and gifts for loved ones on their birthdays.

Once we had the sweetest of reservation mix-ups when a husband and wife bought the exact same gift of an Evening Market Class on the exact same day. Luckily we caught it just in time to adjust the reservation for two and not four and all parties were happy!

Every once in a while we are honored to host a marriage proposal in class and are proud to say that two couples have said “yes” during a cleverly orchestrated Private cooking class. Thankfully everything went smoothly from the ring hidden in the dessert, to the choice of music played as the fiancé went down on one knee in the most memorable cooking class in Paris, the city of love.

As this blog from The Chef & The Dish affirms, cooking together as a couple has numerous benefits to deepen the emotional bond that you have and to truly appreciate the simple things in life.

Cook’n with Class – Marie Antoinette Class

Memorable Gifts

While a romantic trip to Paris may be gift enough to show your love, a wise person once said that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. And chocolate can only make a sweet moment even sweeter. In Paris, there is a huge array of choice for where to find chocolate of the highest quality and style.

Patrick Roger is one such chocolatier that has delicacies that are a marvel for the mouth and the eyes, with flavors that are delicate and innovative as well as the chicest designs. But he is one brilliant chocolatier of many, to choose the right one for you this blog will indicate where to find the best chocolate in Paris.

If you want to put a little extra heart into your gift, nothing says sincerity and thoughtfulness like baking your own treats. These fine chocolatiers also offer chocolate that is designed to be perfect for including in your recipes, you can try out your French and ask the retail worker in any of the shops or you can prepare yourself by finding out what’s the best chocolate to use for cooking. Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start when baking something new, even a simple recipe will make your loved one’s heart flutter when they receive it. You can try out this recipe for a petit beurre au chocolat and save them in a pretty pouch or bring them out for a picnic in one of Paris’ great parks.

The Friend Zone

You don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to show your love in Paris. You can also have a great time here with your friends and skip any drama that often comes with romantic entanglements. All of the suggestions above can (and should!) be enjoyed with friends from finding the best views, discovering museums and cooking together to showing you care with a homemade gift.

So have an equally great time, with plenty of wine, in Paris with your girlfriends and enjoy the perfect girl’s weekend in Paris! Or if wine isn’t quite your thing, there are plenty of hip spots for finding craft beer in Paris! . Enjoy your nights out with your friends and if you’re searching for a romantic partner, you might just find them while you’re having a good time with your friends!

Romantic Addresses :

Musee de la vie Romantique
9th arrondisement
9 rue chaptal – Metro St. Georges/Blanche/Pigalle

Hotel Particulier
18th arrondisement
Pavillon D, 23 Avenue Junot – Metro Lamarck Caulaincourt

Jardin Saint-Gilles-Grand-Veneur
3rd arrondisement
Au niveau du 12 rue Villehardouin – Metro Chemin Vert

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